Allie Martin, PhD

Assistant Professor of Music and Digital Humanities @ Dartmouth

Project Director

Director, Black Sound Lab

Development & Design Team

Nikki Stevens, PhD

Research Associate, Women and Gender Studies @ Dartmouth

P5.js & Back-End Developer

Creation of the Initial Starfield Prototype

Andrew W. Smith

Visiting Assistant Research Professor of Digital Humanities and Digital Studies, African-American Digital & Experimental Humanities (AADHum) @ UMD

Front-End Developer & UX/Visual Designer

Bright Plum, Inc.

Drupal Developers

Shivangi Tandon

Research Assistant, Black Sound Lab

Data Entry and Drupal CMS Management

Art & Sound Team

Asha Santee

Vocalist-Producer-Songwriter, BOOMScat

Audio and Soundscape Production

Patience Rowe

Vocalist-Songwriter, BOOMScat

Constellation Vocals

Leigh Ashley

Independent Artist

Painter of Index Tag Images

Research Team

Armond Dorsey

Graduate Research Assistant, Black Sound Lab

Star and constellation research, preliminary sound design

Lydia Davis

Research Assistant, Black Sound Lab

Star and constellation research, social media

Arielle Isedenu

Research assistant, Black Sound Lab (2021-22)

Star and constellation research

Social Media Team

Richel Cuyler

Cultural Heritage Technical Developer, Hood Art Museum

Press & Social Media Design

Documentation Team

Ayanna Long

Independent Filmmaker

Photography and Videography

Bria Granville

Independent Cinematographer



This project is the outcome of many brilliant, thoughtful people who gave their time, talents, advice, and knowledge to make this happen.

The fonts on the homepage were designed by Tré Seals, founder of vocal Type Co. These beautiful fonts are based on Black leaders and thinkers. Our site uses “Marsha” and “DuBois.”

The galaxy background on the site is from one of Nasa’s Astronomy Pictures of the Day, and the photo is credited to Wolfgang Zimmerman.

The Black Sound Lab received an Arts Integration Grant from the Hopkins Center for the Arts in October of 2021 and we are grateful for their continued support of the project.

This project could not have happened without the support of the African-American Digital & Experimental Humanities initiatives @ UMD (AADHum), where Allie Martin is completing an Residency during the 2022-23 year.

To all of the individuals and organizations that have been in conversation with this project: you are deeply appreciated and we could not have done it without you. Thank you for giving us the chance to amplify your stories!